After a three-year hiatus, Sconefest returned August 21, 1999 for its fourth edition in the form of Sconefest 99. It was the conclusion to the highly successful 1999 Biweekly Barbeque Summer Circuit. For the first time t-shirts were made (albeit only 2) and also for the first time, a web site was created. The scones, homemade ice cream and homemade root beer served as segue for unforgettable moments. The Sconefest Committee was officially formed. Fierce competition and jovial camaraderie arose in the inaugural Ice Bucket Challenge. Doug Worthington favored us with two heart-warming renditions (English & Spanish) of "Choppin' Broccoli." Dave Vawdrey pulled out the guitar and pondered what life would be like if he had a million dollars. The high point came when Fatty Matt was shaved to the tunes of "Crazy Love" by Aaron Neville.