The Ice Bucket Challenge
There are many ingredients necessary to make homemade ice cream. One is a bucket of ice. After the ice cream is made (and eaten), all that is left is a bucket of mostly melted ice. Anyone willing to put their hand in the bucket for 10 minutes gets to join a very exclusive club.
Club Members:
Mike Dansie (2 times)
Nate Pilcher
Cameron Corefield
Bryant Reil
Bryan Paul Jenkins
Justin Rozenkrants
Pete Kerksiek
The Ice Bucket Challenge originated at Sconefest 4 when Mike Dansie and Nate Pilcher were locked in a bitter head-to-head competition to see who could keep their hand in a bucket of ice longer. After several minutes, numbness had set in and it neither contestant was willing to give in. Fearing loss of hands (and the subsequent liability thereof), the Sconefest President, who was also the time keeper, declared that at 10 minutes he was turning his back and the official record would indicate a tie. When the time reached 10 minutes Mike decided to be clever and go against the agreement of pulling out simultaneously. He grabbed Nate's hand and forced it back into the ice as he pulled his own out and yelled "Aha!" Clearly he didn't think it through because what he had done would have made Nate the winner. Lucky for Mike history recognizes them equally.