The Sconefest Committee
President: John Mortensen
Vice President: Kelly Peterson
Scone Master General: Sherstin Mortensen
Brewmeister: Dave Vawdrey
Chaplain: Doug Worthington
Historian: Adam Dorius
Sergeant at Arms: Matthew Hansen
Public Health Officer: Shannon Merx
Poster Child: Stacey Merx
Token Fat Guy: Jeff J. Snider
Token Black Guy: Boubacar Barry
Salt Lake Relations Director: Jason Pratt
Legal Council: Bryan Paul Jenkins
    The Sconefest Committee was formed August 21, 1999. Appointed terms are for as long as the President deems appropriate.

The following individuals are being honored for their dedication to Sconefest. Below is a list of Sconefesters and the number of Sconefests they have attended.
  • Doug Worthington (10)
  • Matt Hansen (8)
  • Jason Pratt (8)
  • Mike Dansie (7)
  • Dave Vawdrey (7)
  • Pete Kerksiek(7)
  • Kelly Peterson (6)
  • Ryan Rasmussen (6)
  • Chris Filmore (5)