Held March 24 in Provo, Utah, Sconefest 7: The Sconefest of Highly Effective People shattered all records in the fields of attendence, shirt and CD sales, scones, rootbeer and overall enjoyment. Also, for the first time, Sconefest took a political stand. Since Utah County is ultra-conservative with a largely single-party population, many laws are passed that some might consider borderline unconstitutional. One such law, enforced by the local night club owner's snitching to police, prohibits people from exercising their right to assemble. Sconefest was proud to thumb its nose at this brand of reckless snobbery and welcome its estimated 200+ guests.
Sconefest 7 also saw the triumphant return of the "The Originals." Eight out the original official 9 Sconefesters were in attendence; many received a standing ovation upon their arrival. At the end of the night, it could be said "A good time was had by all."