Qualities of the Game of Bocce

Athletic Aspect

It is clear that, considering the weight of the balls and the distance they are thrown, apart from ability and precision that are the basis of the game, the game of Bocce also demands a certain amount of strength and stamina. The physical effort is notable above all for the "bowlers". But for everyone - bowlers or pointers - the activity of Bocce revives all muscular movements throughout the body and particularly the arms, legs, and main trunk - constituting an excellent basic sport.

Social Aspect

The game of Bocce is a crucible in which ages and social class fuse and disappear. On the court there are neither young people nor old people, neither workers, nor managers, neither labourers nor students.

The beginner can play with the veteran and the mechanic with the lawyer.

The exceptional democratic spirit of the game of Bocce is the basis on which its deeply peaceful character is founded. It is often the beginning of long friendships.

The above was extracted from a Federation International De Boules booklet printed in the 1960's titled "An Amusing Sport."